Carnival of Souls Screening Wednesday, October 25th @7pm

October 13th, 2017 Posted by

Ciao for Now is hosting a spooky movie screening of the 1962 cult-classic, Carnival of Souls, on Wednesday, October 25th at 7:00pm. Tickets are $5 and proceeds will benefit Apple Village Arts after-school program. Entry includes a mystery raffle ticket! Spine-chilling refreshments will be available for purchase. Seating is limited so make sure to RSVP at 212-677-2616…
if you dare!!!

3rd Annual Apple Village Arts Halloween Art Show

September 27th, 2017 Posted by

It’s that time of year again…

The 3rd Annual Apple Village Arts Halloween Art Show will take place on
Thursday, October 19th at Ciao for Now from 5:00-7:00pm.

Join us to celebrate the work of some of the neighborhood’s youngest artists while enjoying a cup of coffee and some delicious organic fare. Ciao for Now will be showcasing the children’s artwork in our dining room from October 19th through November 17th 2017, and certain pieces will be available for purchase.

Apple Village Arts is a non-profit studio art program in the east village founded by local artist and art educator, Jeanne LaVallee. Apple Village Arts offers after-school children’s art classes in drawing, painting, collage, composition and design for children between the ages of 5-12. Students also study the cultural heritage of the east village and take walking tours to learn about the community of artist who have contributed to the neighborhood over the years. Don’t miss this unique and fun seasonal event! For more information, visit

Ciao for Now hosts community event for Carlina Rivera

September 15th, 2017 Posted by

Ciao for Now was proud to host an event last week for Carlina Rivera, City Council District 2 Democratic Nominee. The Talk, Text and Tweet for Carlina campaign event was a big success, and local residents had the opportunity to meet and talk with Carlina in person before Tuesday’s primary election.

Carlina grew up in the neighborhood and currently still lives in the LES with her husband and local business owner, Jamie Rogers. She formerly served as Councilwomen Rosie Mendez’s legislative director and was awarded the Manhattan Young Democrats’ Young Gets It Done Award in 2014 and the Viva Loisaida Award in 2016 for her record of advocating for affordable housing, small business preservation, parks, community resiliency planning and education equality.

Ciao for Now congratulates the Carlina Rivera campaign team for their big win in the Democratic primary election!

To learn more about Carlina, visit her website at:

Sold Out Screening of the 1993 East Village Cult Classic Film, “What About Me”

June 27th, 2017 Posted by

Ciao for Now was proud to host a special screening this month of Rachel Amodeo’s 1993 film “What About Me“. Shot almost entirely in Tompkins Square Park and the Lower East Side (with music and a cameo by Johnny Thunders), this film is a time capsule of the East Village in the early 1990s, back when Brooklyn was just another forgotten borough, Soho was an up-and-coming area and the Lower East Side was cluttered with dives and a bohemian squatter population. Quite the contrast to the current landscape of trendy bars, expensive condos and corporate chains which are snuffing out authentic small businesses and artists left and right, this film is a rare gem of a bygone era.
The film follows a young woman (played by Amodeo, herself) who wanders homeless in the East Village. “I took a walk around Tompkins Square Park to come up with an idea”, says Amodeo, “it was during the homeless encampment, where there were a lot of shanty houses at the time. I struck up a conversation with a few of the residents there and came to find out that a lot of people there had a series of breaks through uncontrollable circumstances. My idea was to make a story about a homeless couple who get swept up into the drama of living on the streets.”
The screening was followed by a Q&A with Amodeo and her partner M. Henry Jones, an animator and artist who collaborated on it with her, and both of whom remain part of the nucleus of the old East Village art scene. The film stars Amodeo, Richard Edson, Nick Zedd, Rockets Redglare, Judy Carne, Richard Hell, Johnny Thunders, Dee Dee Ramone, and Gregory Corso; with cameo appearances by Jerry Nolan, Patti Palladin, Mariann Bracken, amongst others.IMG_4991
Audience members enjoyed complimentary truffle popcorn,”Ciao pizza bianca” with truffled goat cheese, early summer crudite with creamy basil dip, guacamole, mango salsa and blue corn chips. Stupid Sangria, Hibiscus Coolers, wine, beer, coffee and a light menu of delicious treats was also available for purchase throughout the night. Live music was performed by the very talented Atlas Miceli (featured below)…and we couldn’t help but notice that everyone’s favorite barista, Rai (also featured below), couldn’t get enough of the truffle popcorn! We love you, Rai!
The sold out screening was a huge success, and we want to thank all our local patrons who came out to show their support! As one EV Grieve reader commented, “Rachel and Henry are true artists, and Ciao for Now is a steadfast supporter of local artists. This screening was the best thing I read about all week! Maybe all month.”

Our Coffee: Selva Negra Estate

March 30th, 2017 Posted by

Our coffee and espresso beans come from a 6th generation family-owned and operated coffee farm called Selva Negra Estate located in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. This shade-grown, organic coffee farm is located in the mountains of the “Black Forest” at an altitude of 4,000 feet. Aside from being a model sustainable, Rainforest Alliance certified farm, Selva Negra Estate received a national quality award along with the highest bid out of all the coffee in Nicaragua at the Q Auction. The farm is currently run by Mausi Hayn and her husband Eddy Kűhl. Their families are of German and Nicaraguan descent.
shade grown407
The coffee tree varietals grown on Selva Negra Estate include Bourbon, Caturra and Arabica. Shade-grown coffee is typically produced at a high altitude under a canopy of trees that help filter carbon dioxide and minimize soil erosion. No chemical fertilizers are used and the trees help create an exotic bird habitat and greater biodiversity. The coffee cherries on shade-grown coffee trees take more time to develop resulting in a denser and more flavorful coffee bean. Around 30,000 new coffee trees are added to the farm each year. Coffee beans, in parchment form, are planted in small planters in green houses and grown into seedlings. Once they are the appropriate size, they are planted throughout the farm. From that point, it will take 3-4 years before the trees start producing coffee cherries.
Coffee cherries are initially a bright green color and then turn dark red as they ripen. Harvest takes place between November and February and initially the cherries are hand-picked off the trees by workers that live on the farm. Once the season is in full swing, additional local workers are brought in to help get all the cherries picked in time. The pickers work from 6am until 2pm and are paid by the weight of the coffee cherries. A good picker can pick 6-9 baskets per day. The coffee cherries are weighed, loaded onto a truck and then delivered to the wet mill.
Coffee cherries are received daily at the wet mill during harvest season. They initially are put through a de-pulper where the coffee skins or “pulps” are removed. These skins are then decomposed and used to create fertilizer at the worm farm on the property. After being separated from the pulps, the coffee beans go through a quality sorter where the denser, higher-quality beans sink to the bottom and are directed to a fermentation bin. Lighter beans are re-directed to the second fermentation bin. All of the water used during fermentation, known as “honey water”, is recycled after going through a bio-digester used to create methane gas to generate energy in the staff kitchen and the remaining clean water filters through ponds and is then used to pasteurize the land.
After fermentation, the coffee beans are sent to the dry mill where they are placed on covered drying patios for around 30 days. Once the beans are dry, the mill removes the outermost parchment layer and most of the silverskin from coffee bean. The parchment is collected and used as an energy source for the worker’s kitchen. The beans are then put through a mechanical sorter that once again sorts the beans based on weight and density. During the final sorting process, every bean is hand sorted before any coffee is exported. The beans are divided into 150 lbs., hand-printed bags based on bean density and quality. Export coffee is referred to as “Oro”. The coffee beans are then shipped to Atlanta to be roasted to perfection by Mausi and Eddy’s daughter and son-in-law, Heddy and Steve, at Beanealogy.
Selva Negra Estate houses and employs around 300 workers and their families. It is a fully functioning community with a school, farm, clinic, church and restaurant. There is also an Ecolodge on the property where visitors can stay and take tours around the farm to learn more about coffee production.
Ciao for Now is proud to be the first café in New York City to serve coffee from Selva Negra Estate.

Our staff recently visited Selva Negra Estate in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Check out our video tour!